Pastor Michael Vollmer, Sarah and AJ



Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

I have returned from the 2017 Annual Conference of the Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church and I come bearing wonderful news! As part of our legislative process we voted on several key items that are necessary for the future merging of the Detroit Annual Conference and the West Michigan Annual Conference. Those items passed and we are that much closer to the proposed merge date of January 2019. This is wonderful news!

But Annual Conference is also a time of fellowship and worship. As I mentioned in a sermon a few weeks ago, the worship time at Annual Conference is some of the most cherished time of my year. We were again blessed with wonderful musicians, amazing preachers sharing the Good News, and there was a collective sense of unity and joy among those present. We were also blessed by Bishop David Bard in his leadership, of both the Annual Conference meetings themselves, but also in his grace and love shown to the people of Michigan. We have been blessed once again with a humble, loving, and generous servant of the Lord as the Bishop of our conferences.

One final thing I would like to share with you is something that I am beginning on June 25. Starting on that Sunday I will begin reading the entire Bible over the coming 365 days. Reading through the Bible is a wonderful practice to undertake from time-to-time and I am excited to be doing it again. I am including the schedule of the dates and Scripture passages that I will be reading each day in this newsletter, in case you are interested in joining me in this journey. There are also countless other reading plans that cover specific parts of the Bible, or offer other timelines based on your preferences. If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Pastor Michael


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