Our History

The Methodist Protestant Church was organized in Fremont Township in what was then known as the Graham School House, located on the extreme Northeast corner of section 22, under the discipline of the Methodist Conference and the leadership of Rev. Daniel G. Jennings on May 6,1877.

Mrs. Ida (Runnels) Reynolds was one of the charter members and her certificate of membership has been placed in the record book of the church.

As more people came to settle in Fremont Township a Sabbath School was instituted. The Fremont Young Peoples Society of Christian Endeavor was organized on the fifth day of February, 1894 by Rev. E.E.Burdick. Officers elected were : president Cornellius Reynolds, vice president Carrie Sheltraw, secretary Frank A. Short and treasurer Ella West.

Later the women formed the Ladies Aid Society, organized at the home of Mrs. James McKeage, with Mrs. Sam Graham as its first president and Mrs. Ida Reynolds as secretary.

In 1910 under the leadership of Rev. Morey and a building committee of five members, Wentworth Whaley, James McKeage, J.H. Alderton, Frank A. Short and Fred Reynolds, property was purchased from James McKay at Nelson for $100. Also a church building that had been abandoned by a different denomination was purchased and moved two miles to the acquired property. This building was dedicated on August 7, 1910.

In 1924 the church building was raised and a basement was built. Serving on the building committee for this project were Rev. George H. Lahr, Lewis Lickly, Frank Short, treasurer Mrs. Henry Otter and secretary Mrs. E.H. Winchell.

In 1939 the congregation joined in a merge with other Methodist churches and our church is now known as the Methodist Church.

The members sponsored a drive to repair the church and install stained glass windows and their dream was realized in 1948 with the dedication service held on December 4 of that year.

In 1958 growing population required the building of a larger addition giving much added space both to the church and in the basement area. The stained glass windows were salvaged and used in the new addition and the pews were changed in 1961, when new floor tile was installed and carpeting put down the center isle and across the front of our church.

The Ladies Aid was changed to the Women’s Society of Christian Service and remained an

active source in our church. Our proudest accomplishment was to see one of our own members, Rev. Warren Pettis,

ordained into the Methodist Ministry in 1965. Rev. Pettis grew up in our church and its various

organizations and we were proud to share this sacred hour with him.

In 1968 the Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethern Church merged to form the present United Methodist Church. The name of the Women’s Society of Christian Service was changed to the United Methodist Women and remains as active as in years past.

The Fall of 1974 we remodeled the sanctuary, and installed glass doors, and new carpeting was donated for the entire church. With memorial monies we purchased new alter furniture. We had a new and larger furnace installed in our church in 1975 to heat the church and basement at the same time. In 1976 we purchased a public address system.

Looking back through our history we must give thanks for the many ministers of the gospel who have worked with us and all the members who have worked to spread the gospel in our community.


“In the Cross, God descends to bear in his own heart the sins of the world. In Jesus, he atones at unimaginable cost to himself.”

- Woodrow Geier